I’m Lucifer

I was always a misfit. It’s not easy. There were times when it was achingly difficult. I tried to blend in, but it had its limits. Pffft, and after all, there is no fun in being normal, regular. I finally decided to cherish what I’m, rather than what everybody expected me to be. I wanted a name. I began searching for the perfect name. The perfect name for a born rebel. The perfect name for a knowledge junkie. The perfect name for a free soul.

It dawned to me that the perfect name was the name deemed most imperfect. Name of the child of Dawn. The original misfit. Morning star. I chose Lucifer.

Ehh.. Lucifer? Isn’t that the devil?

So? Does that disgust you? Do you think the name itself is an abomination? Now you must be thinking that I am as evil as a person can be… Ok, but guess what? I have a retort. Take a moment and think of all the atrocities committed by god fearing people. The gazillion crimes heard and unheard of – world wars, massacres, invasions, rapes, discrimination, hate crimes and all the other things we see on everyday news. If all these are the doings of God’s followers, then I would rather have very very nothing to do with such a God.

You teach, you are a teacher. You heal, you are a healer. Your actions become you. Your beliefs become your actions. You are what you believe in.

In a world where people say they love the rain but stays inside when it rains, In a world where people pray to God to be kind to them, but are themselves not kind to others, In a world filled with ‘perfect’ people, I’m a mistake and a misfit. I’m what I believe in. I’m Lucifer.