I watched the movie Juno back in 2011. I liked it. In the movie, the guy, Bleeker, eats orange tic tacs all the time. There is a scene where the girl, Juno, says that “Orange tic tacs are Bleeker’s one and only vice. When we made out, his mouth tasted really tangy and delicious“. At that moment, I decided that this is what my first kiss should feel like too. I wanted the person I kiss to say that my kiss was “tangy and delicious”. I thought it was romantic.

And hence orange tic tacs became one of my obsessions and I started carrying them around with me all the time – just so that I’ll be ready if I happen to stumble upon the moment accidentally. In those days, I consumed more than a case of tic tacs per day.

I did that for months, but the moment never came. And eventually I quit tic tacs for good.

Finally, 4 years later, the moment presented itself. Well, it was planned, so I knew it was coming. And guess what I carried with me to the first date? Duh, a pack of orange tic tacs.

When the much anticipated moment arrived, I quickly chewed some tic tacs. And kissed. I knew I tasted like tic tacs. Goal #1 achieved. I wanted to hear it, so I asked: “Did I taste like oranges? Did you like it?“. I was hoping for an “Yes”.

But the reply was: “Nope, it tasted just like you, and yes, I liked it“. That was the most romantic thing I had ever heard in my life. Fuck tic tacs.

PS: I still have a large box full of empty orange tic tac cases somewhere at home.