I hate people. In a very shocking incident yesterday, a 20 year old guy fell into a white tiger’s enclosure while trying to take photo in a zoo in New Delhi. He was mauled to death and partly eaten after about 15 minutes later. The news was immediately all over the web, with an image where the guy, Maqsood, leaning over the pit’s wall, with pleading hands towards the tiger, crying. In the image, the tiger is standing close, very close, and looking at the boy. Later I read in news that the tiger didn’t attack for about 15 minutes. The experience was new to it and it just stood there and watched the crying boy. The zoo’s inability to take any action in that much time itself is an appalling fact all of its own. But what really knocked things down in me and made me write this now is the photos and videos that popped up. How could people just stand at the rim of the pit, taking photos and videos in their precious little phones, while a young man, a boy, was pleading to a tiger for his life. The onlookers might have been helpless, but how could they stand there and watch. Like it was some fucking show. And take photos and videos. Why did they take photos? To show their friends who missed it? Upload in Facebook so it might go viral and get likes? How could they :'( I hate them all. I hope every one of them fall into some tiger’s pit some day and get mauled to death like this guy – pleading, crying, shitting themselves; and the best part – be photographed in that weakest moment for the whole world to see. Die.