In September, 43 students went missing in Mexico following a clash with police. It later turned out that the police arrested and turned term to some mafia people. Around 70 people have been arrested so far. A couple of days ago, three of the arrested mafia people made a confession that broke Mexico. They said that the 43 kids were loaded in a truck and taken to a dumping site. 15 were already dead of asphyxiation when the opened the door at the site. They shot and killed the rest. Then burned their bodies in a huge pyre and dumped the remains in a river. Thousands are protesting in the streets of Mexico tight now, demanding justice. Their placards read "You buried us, but you didn't know that we were seeds"

Found this message I had sent to a friend some time ago while cleaning up computer. The incident in reference is the 2014 Iguala mass kidnapping. Rest in peace.