“He needed some space.
I kicked the walls of the universe
and it kept expanding ever since.”

– Luc


Kevin bought Suya a house, CL said.

If you compare me with others, you will always find me less, I said.

they were seeds

In September, 43 students went missing in Mexico following a clash with police. It later turned out that the police arrested and turned term to some mafia people. Around 70 people have been arrested so far. A couple of days ago, three of the arrested mafia people made a confession that broke Mexico. They said that the 43 kids were loaded in a truck and taken to a dumping site. 15 were already dead of asphyxiation when the opened the door at the site. They shot and killed the rest. Then burned their bodies in a huge pyre and dumped the remains in a river. Thousands are protesting in the streets of Mexico tight now, demanding justice. Their placards read "You buried us, but you didn't know that we were seeds"

Found this message I had sent to a friend some time ago while cleaning up computer. The incident in reference is the 2014 Iguala mass kidnapping. Rest in peace.

The things we run away from are the ones that will never stop haunting us.

And the things we chase are the ones that keep evading us.

– Luc

“let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

– JC

“Do you know what you will get if you put all the gazillion lives that ever lived on this planet into a giant machine and found it’s remainder? Sadness.”

– Luc

“Half the distance to peace is crossed when you extend the first hand.”

– Luc

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