The things we run away from are the ones that will never stop haunting us.

And the things we chase are the ones that keep evading us.

– Luc

“let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

– JC

“Do you know what you will get if you put all the gazillion lives that ever lived on this planet into a giant machine and found it’s remainder? Sadness.”

– Luc

“Half the distance to peace is crossed when you extend the first hand.”

– Luc

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What floated my boat

We spent a week together, touring places and having fun and it was indeed one of the most enjoyable holidays I've had as an adult. Once I was back home and basking in the afterglow of our time together, I realized that of all the things we did, my most treasured experiences were the subtle, unplanned ones. Like holding hands secretly under our bags while in the bus, or the kisses stolen in the elevator.


I wish I could say more, but not here, not now.


Are you ever sad that an year has come to an end? I mean, not sad that another year has passed or that you are getting older, instead, just sad that you are going to miss the year – like graduating from school and never seeing it again. I'm. I think I'll miss 2015.

I made a flower weep today.   May the blossoms never forgive me

Sorry 🙁